Trump Leaves GOP Leaders Out To Dry On Immigration

WASHINGTON ― Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other Republican leaders thought

Quoted from Trump Leaves GOP Leaders Out To Dry On Immigration on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Trump said in a pair of Twitter posts that Mulvaney would start at the beginning of next year after outgoing chief of staff John Kelly John Francis Kelly MORE leaves his post. Rory Cooper, a GOP strategist who helped lead the "Never Trump PAC" during the 2016 Republican primary, said publicly criticizing the president makes Republican votes back home unhappy and earns the ire of the president. Saturday offered no details the proposal. The White House did not respd repeated requests explain the details of the plan the president was referencing. Tags: trumps, election, promise, leaves, The GOP Once Trump Leaves Two Years In, The Republican Party Faces An Uncertain Future In ’s Image Whether by resignati, impeachment, a 2020 loss or finishing a secd term, Dald e day will no lger lead the New York Times: “The president’s move left Senate Republicans sharply divided, and it remains be seen whether they will act collectively try sp Mr. or how far in unchartered terriry they

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