Ocasio-Cortez: Socialism is 'part of what I am, not all of what I am'

Democratic House nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells Chuck Todd that her brand of politics emphasizes access to housing, healthcare and education, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.

Quoted from Ocasio-Cortez: Socialism is 'part of what I am, not all of what I am' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

On Thursday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made her late night debut after her upset victory in the primary against top House Democrat Joe Crowley. MONDAY MORNING QB Nancy Pelosi Disagrees That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Win Means Democratic Socialism Is on the Rise. The House Minority Leader said Ocaso-Cortez's campagn platform reflects some these vews. For example, she supports "mproved and expanded" Medcare for and free publc college Tags: what, democratic, socialists, believe, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Historic Win and Davd Remnck on Alexandra Ocaso-Cortez, who lkely to bee the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Wll her democratc-socalt dentty push n her frst run for poltcal fce, Ms. Ocaso-Cortez beat Joseph Crowley, the No. 4 House Democrat. “ always knew t was possble,” she

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