Ocasio-Cortez: Socialism is 'part of what I am, not all of what I am'

Democratic House nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells Chuck Todd that her brand of politics emphasizes access to housing, healthcare and education, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.

Quoted from Ocasio-Cortez: Socialism is 'part of what I am, not all of what I am' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

"Do you think socialism would be a winning message or winning position in 2020 for Democrats?" NBC's Savannah Guthrie asked Ocasio-Cortez: Well, I think at the end of the day, it's not about an 'ism.' Democratic socialism, the Congresswoman from New York explained, is "not about government takeover, it's about how much of a say do workers have." Presdent Trump's attack on was a hghlght h state the unon address. Trump declared: We stand wth the Venezuelan people n ther noble quest for freedom -- and we condemn the Tags: ocasio, cortez, takes, trumps, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's socialism makes her Alexandra Ocaso-Cortez a card-carryng member the Democratc Socalts Amerca -- a socalt -- and she just won a congressonal prmary n New York Cty. Ocaso-Cortez by The recently elected lawmaker supposedly has the capabltes to team up wth Berne Sanders and brng about that wll result n a loss lbertes or drve whole socetes nto poverty—or at least,

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