Bookstore Owner Calls Police On Woman Accosting Steve Bannon

A Richmond, Virginia, bookstore owner called the police on a customer for

Quoted from Bookstore Owner Calls Police On Woman Accosting Steve Bannon on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Once she realized she wasn’t in friendly pany, the woman took off. Cooke eventually canceled the emergency call, but was clear that, while he doesn’t agree with Bannon’s politics, he’d call the police again on The owner of a Richmond, VA bookstore says he called the cops on Saturday after a woman confronted and berated former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon - calling him a "piece of trash," according The latest? A cfrted Bann in a – Black Swan Books– and called him “a piece of trash.” When the , Nick Cooke, asked Tags: bookstore, owner, calls, police, Bookstore Owner Forced To Call Just recently, Mike Cooke, the of a in Virginia called “Black Swan Books,” was forced to call the an unidentified after The plan for "progressives" to target and harass members of the Trump Administrati until they leave public life has hit a snag: an open-minded

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