Red State Democrats In Hot Seat Over Trump's Supreme Court Pick

WASHINGTON ― The fate of President Donald Trump’s upcoming Supreme Court

Quoted from Red State Democrats In Hot Seat Over Trump's Supreme Court Pick on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Kyrsten Sinema helped turn reliably red Arizona purple. Is it a midterm fluke or a new trend? Democrats' victories in the midterm elections signal that the state could bee a key battleground South Carolina’s new Democratic congressman on Tuesday unveiled his plans for keeping offshore drilling and seismic testing blasts away from the state’s coastline with a bill that would ban such action for 10 years. While are still pushg for far-reachg legislation to restrict gun ownership, they're also workg with Republicans on more limited " flag" laws to temporarily suspend Second Tags: democrats, republicans, find, common, Red State, Blue City: How Because wng a 's electoral votes requires only a simple majority, a sgle city can change the entire game. Blue cities swg s that ended up gog for Obama last Tuesday clude The erosion of his support was mirro by national leaders. A chorus of advocacy groups and 2020 Democratic presidential candidates also demanded Northam's departure.

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