Kerry slams Trump’s 'strange,' 'disgraceful' NATO performance

Former Secretary of State John Kerry tore into President Trump’s comments about Germany at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s annual summit.

Quoted from Kerry slams Trump’s 'strange,' 'disgraceful' NATO performance on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

In a series of tweets, the libertarian-leaning Republican detailed why Trump's joint press conference with Vladimir Putin was all wrong. Mr. Trump slammed some of his favorite targets including the media, former FBI Director James ey, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, amongst others. Marie Harf: Hey, Trump couldn’t be defeating ISIS without Obama doing so little about it Tags: marie, harf, trump, couldnt, Kerry Washington Snaps Selfie with Washington celebrated the end of Scandal with a wrap party, where she sd a photo with her character's inspiration, crisis manager Judy Smith Donald John Trump (pronuncia americana: [ˈdɑnəɫd ˈʤɑn ˈtʰɹʌmp]; New York, 14 giugno 1946) è un imprenditore, politico e personaggio televisivo statunitense, 45º presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America dal 20 gennaio 2017.

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