Kerry slams Trump’s 'strange,' 'disgraceful' NATO performance

Former Secretary of State John Kerry tore into President Trump’s comments about Germany at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s annual summit.

Quoted from Kerry slams Trump’s 'strange,' 'disgraceful' NATO performance on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

'I can’t understand why': Mitt Romney criticizes Trump for attacks on the late John McCain. Republican Sen. Mitt Romney called the later Senator John McCain a "honorable" and "courageous" man. America Ferrera led a group including Gina Rodríguez and Eva Longoria who visited a migrant shelter in Tijuana, Mexico and called for the Trump administration to allow families to seek asylum Take a look inside Ivanka Trump's daily diet. Whereas her father may be known for his affinity for Diet Coke and fast food, Ivanka Trump's diet couldn't be more different. Tags: ivanka, trump, yahoo, lifestyle, Kerry's Top Ten Flip-Flops - thus voted against war after Iraq took aggressive military action. He said a vote in favor of military action was tantamount to giving Congress "no further say" on the war. After returning from the Vietnam War, John became a prominent critic of the war. He testified before the Senate in 1971 and told of atrocities being mitted by U.S. troops. He called for

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