Trump trashes immigration in Europe as British PM praises it in U.K.

President Trump doubled down Friday on his assertion that immigration has damaged the cultural fabric of Europe, while British Prime Minister Theresa May said it “has been good” for the United Kingdom.

Quoted from Trump trashes immigration in Europe as British PM praises it in U.K. on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

It has long been an open secret that some farms survive by relying on an undocumented labor force. Now, tough immigration enforcement has caused a crisis. Please register now to receive the channel Latest picture video daily subscribe now: https://goo.gl/Et2n3S. President-elect Donald h said he plans to deport many 3 million people once he accedes to the Oval Office, and that fencg will form part of his promised wall on the border Tags: donald, trumps, immigration, plans, Einwanderung in den USA: Trump Überrchend hat der US-Präsident dafür geworben, een Kompromiss m den Demokraten beim Thema Migration zu fden. Auf seem Mauerbau-Plan besteht er aber. Die Executive Order 13769 (oft als Muslim (travel) ban, travel ban oder ban bezeichnet) war e Dekret des US-Präsidenten Donald vom 27. Januar 2017, d Bürgern aus sieben mehrhelich muslimischen Staaten 90 Tage

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