Russia indictments undercut Trump's denials

Special counsel Robert Mueller charges 12 Russian intelligence officials with hacking the Democratic National Committee’s server, a claim Trump once mocked.

Quoted from Russia indictments undercut Trump's denials on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Special Counsel Robert Mueller released an indictment today of 12 Russian intelligence officers, accusing them of hacking the Democratic National mittee (DNC), the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign mittee (DCCC). But in other cases, Trump has seemed more willing to confront Russia and its allies. Trump did authorize the sale of lethal military aide to Ukraine. The Trump- collusion narrative is collapsing. The people pushing it must choose their poison: They either duped people & thereby abetted a gross abuse of power; or they were themselves badly Tags: russia, collusion, hillary, clinton, Schwarzenegger Slams "Little Wet Noodle" Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger blasted President Trump for sullying the legacy of another former California governor - Ronald Reagan - by refusing to stand up to n President Vladimir Putin during a meeting of Since his reelection in March, n President Vladimir Putin's public approval has slipped, according to a state-controlled polling service.

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