Trump Blames The Media For His Bad Days. So Do His Supporters.

President Donald Trump attacked the media on Sunday for its coverage of his

Quoted from Trump Blames The Media For His Bad Days. So Do His Supporters. on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Donald Trump has blamed the Paris climate change agreement for ongoing violence in the French capital. The US president tweeted on Saturday: “The Paris Agreement isn’t working out so well for Trump has been attacking Powell for several months now over the central banker’s decision to raise rates, which President Buy and Sell blamed last week for the two-day market decline. President nald returned on Thursday to blaming much of "anger" in ciety, a day after CNN and Democrats were targets of explosive devices. Tags: donald, trump, claims, media, Trump Blames `Out of Control' President nald said he won’t fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell but blamed an “out of control” U.S. central bank worst stock market sell-off since February. Mr. again dismissed campaign violations that Mr. Cohen is accused of mitting at behest and said y were civil violations at best.

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