Democrats Bring Fire To Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hearing

WASHINGTON ― Democratic senators came out swinging Tuesday against GOP efforts

Quoted from Democrats Bring Fire To Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hearing on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

You don't bring a novice to a knife fight. That's why Democrats need Nancy Pelosi. Everything that happens next year in the House amounts to a Democratic audition — and platform — for the 2020 SIZZLE OR DRIZZLE? Will Dems’ New Climate Panel Bring the Heat? The select mittee that AOC pushed for likely won’t even feature AOC—or have subpoena power. want answers about the Interior Department’s decisions during the shutdown are ready scrutinize decisions keep national parks open and prioritize fossil fuel drilling. Tags: democrats, want, answers, about, Will Democrats Back a ‘Green While that mittee’s mandate would not go nearly as far as the one Ocasio-Cortez has proposed, other , like New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone, the ranking Democrat on the House mittee This is only half of the attack Trump would face from , however. The critical second part is something Republicans can’t deploy for ideological and political reasons: Trump’s policies

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