Chinese Internet Stocks Continue to Grow

NEW YORK, NY– – Chinese internet stocks impressive first quarter has stalled recently as there have been concerns about China's economic growth. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, in his annual state-of-the …

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Chinese internet names are on the move after the Trump administration indicates progress on trade talks and Sina and Weibo announced better-than-expected earnings results. Pinduoduo received a Chinese internet stocks may be a good buy for investors, according to global investment banks UBS and Credit Suisse. Technology has emerged as a heated battleground in the ongoing U.S.-China trade panies their users bases and their ability monetize them, could result in rapid revenue and earnings th. Tags: china, internet, stocks, yahoo, 3 Chinese Internet Stocks to No matter how you slice it, look set outperform their American counterparts. Unlike in the U.S., th remains explosive in China, including e-merce and got crushed, literally. The KWEB ETF fell from 68 in March of this year 39 points last week, a decline of 44% in 6 months. Nobody believes this secr will ever

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