Trump says leaders at U.N. were laughing 'with me,' not 'at me'

Audible laughter broke out among the assembled diplomats when Trump used the occasion to boast about his achievements as president.

Quoted from Trump says leaders at U.N. were laughing 'with me,' not 'at me' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

A Trump administration appointee to the State Department tore into standard UN documents that condemn racism as a threat to democracy. Star Struck By Trump? German Business Leaders Praise U.S. Economic Policies at Davos. The World Economic Forum in Davos can often predict future developments in politics, technology and finance. said the U.S. had a "very, very nasty" past with North Korea, but a nuclear war was averted thanks to him. Tags: trump, says, weak, leaders, Politics News | Breaking Political ABC News is your trusted source on political news stories and videos. Get the lest coverage and analysis on everything from the presidency, Sene, House and Supreme Court. Donald and Kim Jong Un pose for the cameras Singapore's Capella Hotel on Tuesday after an historic one-on-one meeting. said he had an "excellent relionship" with Kim.

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