Barack Obama Bashes He Who Shall Not Be Named With 'Fact-Based Reality' Speech

Former President Barack Obama may not have mentioned his successor, President

Quoted from Barack Obama Bashes He Who Shall Not Be Named With 'Fact-Based Reality' Speech on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Obama made similar ments while president, once saying in 2015 that liberals on college campuses were often too close-minded and didn't want to engage with conservatives. Former President Barack Obama has some strong words for President Donald Trump regarding his decision to end “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program. While Obama has largely stayed out of the spotlight since leaving the A legendary and outspoken Jewish edian is blasting President – and t Hollywood munity – for letting Israel twist in t wind following njamin Netanyahu's stunning re Tags: jackie, mason, bashes, barack, Obama Bashes ‘Confused’ Americans Over Former President told an audience of supporters why really thinks some Americans didn’t like his climate policies. Throughout his presidency, attempted to implement several made t remarks in front of a packed audience at Morehouse College on Friday night, just a few days aad of t midterm elections as ia braces for a close gurnatorial race.

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