Senate race in Indiana tests 'Hoosier' independence from Trump

Incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly and his Republican challenger, Mike Braun, are suddenly locked in a tight Senate race.

Quoted from Senate race in Indiana tests 'Hoosier' independence from Trump on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

JUNE 22--In what may prove a crippling blow to his U.S. Senate campaign, divorce records reveal that Illinois Republican Jack Ryan was accused by his former wife, actress Jeri Ryan, of pressuring To forecast each party’s chance of gaining a majority, our model first calculates win probabilities for each individual Senate race. In addition to the latest polls, it incorporates the It’s not exactly a secret that Donald has little use for the bright les that traditionally defe American politics, but April, the president was rare form. Tags: 2018, senate, race, that, Tennessee Senate Race es Down The closest Tennessee has seen over a decade may have very little to do with Donald . David Parker, associate professor of political science at Montana State University, tweeted late Tuesday that the numbers "are tighteng because all the heavily Republican, rural

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