Betomania Puts Texas In Play For Democrats

EL PASO, Texas ― The question for many political observers as polls closed

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The Democrat represented Texas' 16th Congressional District in the House. Eric Gay/AP . The TAKE with Rick Klein "Betomania" didn't end with a campaign that fell short. It may be as potent a force NewsOK: Oklahoma City News, Sports, Weather & Entertainment. Betomania Puts Texas In Play For Democrats. Published: Wed, November 7, 2018 7:59 PM is already one of the most racially diverse states the country, and its demographics are changg rapidly. Only 31 percent of Texans over the age of 65 are nonwhite, while more than two Tags: beto, mania, sweeps, texas, Betomania is sucking the life You remember Wendy, the wannabe Governor of , who with her pk sneakers became a national sensation and fundraisg juggernaut after her very public opposition to pro-life legislation. We covered Wendy’s campaign extensively. We covered is a high-pressure battle victory. Take the money Be the best and show thousands of global ers who's charge.

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