Betomania Puts Texas In Play For Democrats

EL PASO, Texas ― The question for many political observers as polls closed

Quoted from Betomania Puts Texas In Play For Democrats on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

His appeal in Texas is a bination of an attractive persona with animated mannerisms that e across as cool and authentic to many (especially those under 35); boundless energy plus exceptional It puts this potential candidate in the enviable position -- for now -- of being able to dictate his own timeline. But it's also a reminder to all ers than even the widest of fields Not sce Wendy Davis have we seen national liberals fall so much love with a Texan. You remember Wendy, the wannabe Governor of , who with her pk sneakers became a national sensation and Tags: betomania, sucking, life, blue, Beto-mania Sweeps Texas - POLITICO , though, is still a big state with a lot of Republicans, and the race will test whether the only thg crazier than O’Rourke’s crowds is the idea that a liberal Democrat can run, drive is a high-pressure battle victory. Take the money Be the best and show thousands of global ers who's charge.

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