Hanging Chads Long Gone, Florida Has Another Election Nightmare

Nearly two decades after the world learned about hanging chads, Florida is

Quoted from Hanging Chads Long Gone, Florida Has Another Election Nightmare on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

I saw that car in R'ville last week. Wanted to stop & gawk but didn't have time. That didn’t take long. Just days after her re-election win in Massachusetts, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren turned her eyes to the presidential swing state of Florida, making a pitch to raise money After the presidential recount in 2000 that helped launch the nickname “Flori-duh” into the nation’s vernacular, state lawmakers passed a sweeping set of reforms. Tags: florida, tried, elections, after, Punched card, punch card, Hollerith The punch card (or "Hollerith" card) is a recording medium for holding information for use by automated data processing machines. Made of thin cardboard, the punch card represents information by the presence or absence of The RoPE S identifies stroke-related versus incidental patent foramen ovale (PFO) in patients with cryptogenic stroke.

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