Now playing: Trump's latest defense — I never said 'to break the law'

The president keeps revising his explanation of hush-money payments made to two women who claimed to have had extramarital affairs with him.

Quoted from Now playing: Trump's latest defense — I never said 'to break the law' on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

And they're having a good day I'm having a good JQ who's gold. No collision. No obstruction. There never was by the way and they never will be. President Trump’s constant need for affirmation prompts him to exaggerate or lie about everything from his wealth to the economy to his North Korea diplomacy to the results of Robert S. Mueller Late last year, Presdent Trump scrambled to defend Donald Trump Jr. after news broke that hs eldest son had taken an ll-advsed 2016 meetng wth a group of Kremln-connected Russans one Tags: trump, netanyahu, playing, same, Graham: Trump thinks GOP senators Presdent Trump warned that Republcans who choose to defy hm on hs mmgraton-emergency declaraton are takng a bg rsk, accordng to Sen. Lndsey Graham, who met wth presdent Tuesday. Presdent Donald Trump turned hs trade war on nda ths month by revokng country's access to lower tarffs. He thnks country's mport controls are too strct and has decded f we can

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