In Mattis resignation, a singular challenge to Trump's agenda

Mattis, a retired Marine general who was highly regarded by Republicans and Democrats, had far wider political support in Washington than Trump himself when he walked into the White House on Thursday afternoon. Sources said Mattis had already made up his mind that it was time to go. Later in the afternoon, Trump announced Mattis was retiring, only to be rapidly contradicted as Mattis circulated his eight-paragraph resignation letter.

Quoted from In Mattis resignation, a singular challenge to Trump's agenda on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

By Phil Stewart and Lesley Wroughton. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - By plainly stating his policy differences in his resignation letter, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has sparked an incipient Trump, by all accounts, was not pressuring Mattis to resign and had not been expecting an announcement to e that day, sources said. The Pentagon declined to ment on Mattis' resignation, referring reporters to his Defense Secretry Jmes hs resigned mid President Donld Trump’s decision withdrw ll U.S. troops from Syri nd medi reports the president is considerg mssive drwdown Tags: read, secretary, mattis, letter, Jim Mattis’ Resignation Was Just Defense Secretry Jim ws deep drk dy of the soul tht he hd long seen g when, on Dec. 19, 2018, he received cll on his privte phone. lso ppered be subtly criticizg Mr. Trump's "meric first" foreign policy his resigntion letter, discussg the importnce of mtg llinces.

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