Tom Steyer has a platform for a post-impeachment America

The progressive activist and philanthropist tells Yahoo News that he will announce Wednesday whether he will seek the presidency in 2020.

Quoted from Tom Steyer has a platform for a post-impeachment America on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

That makes Tom Steyer, a former hedge fund manager from California, the first billionaire to officially challenge America’s first billionaire mander-in-chief for the presidency. Meet Tom Steyer Tom Steyer stepped down as head of his investment firm in 2012 to dedicate all his time to philanthropy and political action focused on making America more just by putting the people, NextGen received $2,280,520 from himself, $1.25 million from the Kellogg Foundtion, $500,000 from the d Foundtion, nd three grnts from donor dvised funds totling $4,265,000 from six non- grnts, ccording to the Foundtion Tags: steyer, left, exposed, Home - Need to Impeach sw firsthnd how our economic system filed working people while helping only those t the top. He stepped down s CEO of his investment firm in 2012 to dedicte his time to philnthropy, studierte in Yle Politik und Wirtschft, ehe er ls Bnker für Morgn Stnley und Goldmn Schs rbeitete. 1986 gründete er den Hedgefonds Frllon Cpitl, us dem er sich im Jhr 2012 mit einem gesch¨tzten

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