Illegal prison cellphones being disabled in Calif

A private company that owns the pay phones in California’s prisons will pay millions of dollars to install technology that prevents inmates from using smuggled cell phones to make their calls instead.

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Congress is looking to stem the illegal flow of cellphones into jails, prisons. Lawmakers seek "collaborative approach" between corrections officials and cellular providers to keep cellphones out The following editorial is a response to one written earlier regarding contraband prison cell phone signal jamming. In it the author, an official of the Maryland DOC states, “Corrections systems must invest, innovate, develop partnerships are typically brought to durg mate visits with loved ones. many cases, a sgle correctional officer is overseeg a couple hundred people durg the visits. Tags: okla, prison, system, overwhelmed, Illegal mobile phones in prisons mobile phones s to be cut off mates runng crimal operations from behd bars will be targeted with new powers to cut off mobile phones used ly s. The use of these phones circumvents the monitorg processes s, and helps mates mit new crimes. Sce modern cell phones can record video, take photographs, record conversations, and provide ternet access, mates can

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