To Improve the Lives of North Koreans, Start with Refugees

As the leaders from the United States and South Korea struggle to find common ground in their respective approaches to diplomacy with North Korea, there is one thing both have agreed on: economic opportunity awaiting North Korea if it were to denuclearize and join the international community. President Donald Trump has spoken about making leader Kim Jong-un and his cadre of elites rich; while South Korean president Moon Jae-in has focused on prosperity through inter-Korean projects. Seoul and Washington have yet to convince the regime in Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons by appealing to its purse strings. If they are truly serious about helping the North Korean people, though, then there is a group immediately accessible and in dire need of economic attention: North Korean refugees.

Quoted from To Improve the Lives of North Koreans, Start with Refugees on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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