Wal-Mart scandal lifts lid on culture of bribery in Mexico

Whether you are the world’s No. 1 retailer or a humble street vendor, paying public officials a bribe may be the quickest way to get your business growing in Mexico. The New York Times reported this weekend that Wal-Mart Stores Inc investigators probing its Mexican operations found a paper trail of hundreds of suspect payments worth more than $24 million made to grow its business there, and that the company then quashed the investigation. …

Quoted from Wal-Mart scandal lifts lid on culture of bribery in Mexico on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Walmart has e under fire for selling All Lives Matter T-shirts and Blue Lives Matter T-shirts amid protests calling for an end to systemic racism and police brutality against black people. Walmart's current CEO, Michael Duke, was chairman of Walmart International at the time of the scandal. He received frequent briefings about the bribery allegations and progress of the investigation. Walmart began requirg customers to wear masks July 20 due to the coravirus pandemic. “You can’t be American and wear that mask,” the man behd the camera says. “We literally had a Tags: couple, wear, swastika, masks, Walmart Ethics Shown in Class Walmart leaders d't address whether the issues fuelg the protests are va. They just want the courts to help them shut the protestors up. Walmart Ethical Questis . And then there are the tragic Bangladesh Skandal, Zensur, Verbot: Historische Studie zeigt, Preussag Spezialtiefbau Apr 2019 (4) Mär 2019 (8) Feb 2019 (17) Jan 2019 (11) 2018 (81) Dez 2018 (12) Nov 2018 (9) Okt 2018 (7) Sep 2018 (4) Aug

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