Joe Biden beats Donald Trump in Texas poll as he breaks from Democratic party line on abortion

Joe Biden put clear water between himself and other Democrat presidential candidates on the issue of abortion as he pulled into a surprise poll lead over Donald Trump in the traditionally conservative state of Texas. He enraged pro-choice activists, and many senior Democrat colleagues, by confirming he was against the idea of the US government using taxpayers’ money to fund abortion. Mr Biden’s campaign confirmed he backs the Hyde amendment, a 40-year-old law banning federal funding for abortion other than in cases of incest, rape, or to save the life of the mother. The official position of the Democrat party, and every other Democrat presidential candidate, is that Hyde should be repealed. They argue the ban prevents the poorest women gaining access to abortions.   Mr Biden has set out a clear strategy of trying to occupy the centre ground in 2020, distancing himself from all of the other two dozen Democrat presidential candidates.    White House officials say the poll numbers will change once Mr Trump starts campaigning in earnest Credit: AP The former vice president led Mr Trump 48-44 in a a Quinnipiac University poll of voters in Texas, where victory in 2020 would virtually guarantee him the

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If Joe Biden is the Democrats’ best chance of taking down President Donald Trump in the next presidential election, then they’ll need to do a lot better before 2020 es around. Could Joe Biden really beat Donald Trump in 2020? Well, politically 2020 is still tens of years away, a great deal can and will happen between now and then. h a real shot at beatg 2020, unless t shoots him down. Tags: biden, beat, trump, 2020, Joe Biden says he would Former Vice President said would "beat t ll out of" President if ty were high school over his crude ments about women. Electis . sees e Democrat who can beat 2020: '’s a great respecter of fate,' said e pers close to t former vice president.

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