Iranian boats 'harass' British tanker in the Gulf: U.S. officials

Five boats believed to belong to Iranian Revolutionary Guards approached a British oil tanker in the Gulf on Wednesday and asked it to stop in Iranian waters close by, but withdrew after a British warship warned them, U.S. officials said. The incident occurred almost a week after British Royal Marines boarded an Iranian tanker, Grace 1, off Gibraltar and seized it on suspicion that it was breaking sanctions by taking oil to Syria. Earlier on Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Britain would face “consequences” over the seizure of the Iranian tanker.

Quoted from Iranian boats 'harass' British tanker in the Gulf: U.S. officials on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

This was USSO's first tactical operation involving Navy SEALs, Special Boat Units, and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) ("Nightstalkers") aviators working together. Seraj-1 is a military speed boat manufactured by Iran. It is based on the British made Bradstone Challenger, a Bladerunner 51, which holds the record for the fastest circumnavigation of Britain. Militarized speed boats have Navy of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) or Revolutionary Guards' Navy (Persian: نیروی دریایی سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی ‎), acronym NEDSA (Persian: ندسا ‎), consists of 20,000 mares and 1,500 and fast Tags: navy, islamic, revolutionary, guard, Streitkräfte des Iran – Wikipedia Sie verfügen über leichte Geländefahrzeuge, Patrouillenflugzeuge sowie über rund 90 Küsten- und 40 Hafenschutzboote. US-Schätzung gehen für das Jahr 2017 von 40.000 Mitgliedern paramilitärischer Eheiten aus.

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