Secret Service cracks down on partying

The Secret Service, embarrassed by the Colombia prostitution scandal, moved Friday to avoid a possible repeat incident by toughening its “standards of conduct” with new restrictions on drinking alcohol, a ban on “patronizing of non-reputable establishments,” and a prohibition on agents bringing foreign nationals back to their hotel rooms. Booze is off-limits 10 hours before […]

Quoted from Secret Service cracks down on partying on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Belgrad - When Branka Prpa read a secret-service surveillance report detailing the last day she spent with her assassinated panion an outspoken critic of Slobodan Milosevic it was like going through a nightmare all over tabdelgawad writes "The Washington Post offers this writeup about how the U.S. Secret Service uses a Distributed Network Attack program to crack encryption on puters and drives seized as evidence. Credit card skimmers beware. The U.S. said it is kicking off the holiday seas with a natiwide initiative to crack credit card skimming devices installed at gas statis. Tags: secret, service, cracks, down, Kingsman Crack #1 [Memes Edition] Category Film & Animati; Suggested by SME Céline Di - My Heart Will Go (Live) Sg My Heart Will Go (Love Theme from "Titanic")

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