Spam Firewall

Easy to setup, affordable, reliable, this is how firewall, e-mail filtering, messaging and web content filtering has to be.

A good firewall should be inexpensive and easy to use, should hide all ports to protect your PC from attacks and should immediately alert you to serious attacks.

There are complete Internet Security Software Suites to protect also from viruses, worms, spyware, intrusion, phishing and root kits.

Protection can also be done with Hardware Firewalls.

A small hardware device between your modem and your local computer – network.

This hardware firewall uses mostly ‘network address translation’ NAT to hide your PC from the Internet or the more efficient ‘SPI’ for even higher protection.

The three basic types of hardware firewall devices are Wired Routers, Wireless Routers, and Broadband Gateways.

A good spam filter software can differentiate between legitimate email and spam email. Try our free spam blocker for personal use. The ChoiceMail system works in enterprise environment or personal desktop. Stop spam for good. Related Posts. Exchange Server 2010 support added to TSM; Using dmidecode on Linux to find host information; Promotion best practices, or, how to keep from $#!@%* up The top 10 list of the worst behaved addresses reported by the ReputationAuthority and global DNS Block Lists. These addresses send out very large amounts of and virus-infected messages and have been given a Tags: reputationauthority, watchguard, technologies, Barracuda Networks - Barracuda Email Barracuda Email Security Service. No ware or software to install, manage or update; Real-time /virus protection from the industry leader; A fully-inde and searchable log of all messages, included blocked messages

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