Ultima Returns With Free-to-Play iPad and PC Game

EA Games announced Thursday morning that Ultima fans will be able to return to the world of Britannia in a free-to-play, cross-platform iPad and PC game.

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Monday, 10 June 2019 British kit car specialist Ultima Sports is back with a new model billed as a flagship. It's called the RS, and it's been gned leveraging 35 years of know-how acquired in Ultima: Return (formerly known as Ultima: Return to the Serpent Isle) is a fan game set in the Ultima universe, in development by Team Return and led by Sergorn Dragon. Original Thread To view the original thread, please click here. Tags: ultima, returns, stratics, community, Ultima: Return – A new As I mentionned in the previous update, we have added some new music tracks to the Media page of the website. But I wanted to exp more about the tracks we have just released Thinking of returning to Sosaria? Wele home. To return you will first need to recover your account. This video created by the UO team will lead you through the steps required.

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