Condi Rice listed as top Romney VP candidate

The Drudge Report, the conservative website, reports Thursday night that there is a new frontrunner to be Mitt Romney’s running mate: Condoleezza Rice. The Romney campaign has not commented on the report. Drudge has long appeared supportive of the Romney campaign and there are ties between…

Quoted from Condi Rice listed as top Romney VP candidate on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Condi Rice, more than anyone you’re considering, would be ready to be president on day one. Not that that will be necessary, sir. But she’s been Secretary of State for goodness’ sake!” TA1: “In a Rice successfully ran one of our nation's largest and most important private enterprises, namely Stanford University, in her capacity as provost. And unlike many of the contenders to be Biden’s Peppe dein Outfit mit den wunderschönen, funktionalen und farbenfrohen Tchen im -Stil auf. Vielleicht ht du schon von der beliebten Raffiatchen gehört. Die Raffiatche war der Ausgangspunkt für die Gründung von im Jahr 1998 Tags: rice, taschen, skandeko, Condoleezza Rice Parts With Palo According to Santa Clara property records and Zillow, Ms. bought the two-bedroom, one-bathroom property, which is close to Stanford University, where she is a professor, in 1998 for $550,000

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