Mitt Romney wants an apology

Mitt Romney disputed reports that he worked for Bain Capital longer than he had publicly suggested, insisting Friday he had no role "whatsoever" in managing the company after February 1999 when he left to run the Winter Olympics. Public filings from the company suggest otherwise. In consecutive interviews with all five television news networks, Romney […]

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After Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential nominee, wrote a critical op-ed about Trump in 'The Washington Post' there was a swift reaction online. Washington • In a rebuke of President Donald Trump, Sen. Mitt Romney on Thursday said he was “concerned” the administration has not explained its findings about the murder of Washington Post , the ining senator from Utah d former Republic presidential nominee, revived his rivalry with President Trump on Tuesday with op-ed essay in The Washington Post in which he Tags: mitt, romney, says, trump, Ining Sen. Mitt Romney grabs Days before he officially bees a U.S. senator, took to the Washington Post to fire a shot across President Trump’s bow, saying Mr. Trump had made a “deep descent” in December Former Massachusetts governor defeated state Rep. Mike Kennedy (R) in the Republic primary for the U.S. Senate seat from Utah. Senator Orrin Hatch (R), who nounced in Juary 2018 that he would not

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