Christine Prody – OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson girlfriend Christine Prody came to visit him in his cell.

Christie Prody is OJ ‘s girlfriend for many years.

OJ Simpson was arrested Sunday in connection with a robbery case involving sports memorabilia.

Christie Prody (OJ s girlfriend), his daughter Arnelle and his sister Mattie were also seen in the courtroom.

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Christie Prody was O.J. Simpson's girlfriend for the 13 years leading up to his arrest for robbing a group of men of sports paraphernalia in a Las Vegas hotel room. O.J. Simpson's daughter, Arnelle Simpson, center, and his girlfriend Christine Prody, right, sit together in a Clark County Justice courtroom during Simpson's arraignment in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007. O.J. is back in the news thanks to his request for a new trial, and a woman who dated him for 12 years and somehow lived has resurfaced as well. Tags: christie, prody, hollywood, gossip, O.J. Simpson's Ex-Girlfriend Now Fighting Since Christie dated O.J. during his murder and civil trials in the late 90s, her life has been in a tailspin. After years of battling drug abuse, is now jobless as she

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