Why Romney remains an international man of mystery

Romney’s first foreign trip as the de facto Republican presidential nominee has been so confounding that it requires tinkering with our working theories about who he is as a political leader and a would-be president. Even though Romney has been running more or less nonstop for president for the past five years, he remains an elusive figure. (As, for that matter, does President Barack Obama). But Romney’s innocents-abroad tour of Britain, Israel and Poland helps add nuance and shading to our portrait of mystifying Mitt.

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Why Remain a Republican? - Read online. DAVID BROOKS, the New York Times op-ed page’s long-standing ambassador from the center-right, recently wrote a self-flagellatory column about the failure of anti-Trump Republicans to influence their own Perhaps that’s why Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan actually included the exact same savings in his budget—a budget that Romney has fully embraced. Romney’s ad: So now the money you paid for your guaranteed health The race between President Barack Obama d Mitt close nationally, according to a poll released Friday afternoon by CNN/ORC . Obama attracted 49 percent likely Tags: obama, romney, remain, close, Why Romney Remains pelling - Should win Iowa, even narrowly, he will almost certainly sweep through New Hampshire. d should that happen the likelihood is very high he will take the next three states easily. Does Mitt Remain Uninspiring to Republics? While seems to be on a roll at the moment, it is perhaps a little early for him to be plning how to beat Obama in

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