Immigration program could legalize 1.8 million people

As many as 1.76 million young illegal immigrants could qualify for temporary legal status under President Obama's deferred action program, says a new report from the Migration Policy Institute. That's more than double the Obama administration's initial estimate of 800,000 people who would benefit from the program. The new number reflects the Obama administration's updated […]

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Over the last decade as a corporate immigration attorney in Silicon Valley, advising founders and venture-backed panies, I’ve seen that the battle for the world’s top STEM talent (irrespective of national origin) has been relentless. Immigrants and advocates across the country were anxiously waiting this week to hear President Donald Trump's decision on whether he'll keep the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. "We need 50,000 truck drivers today. Not tomorrow, not in five years," said Hussen. "For Windsor-Es that's critical because a lot of your businesses here are in innovation, manufacturing and then shipping. Tags: windsor, under, utilising, immigration, U.S. Immigration Policy Program | The U.S. Policy analyzes U.S. policies and their impacts, as well as the plex demographic, economic, political, foreign policy, and other forces that shape to the United States. The also offers worsen the labour market outes of who work in sectors of the economy that have high concentrations of immigrant workers." Gittins claims there is considerable opposition to in Australia by "battlers"

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