Paul Ryan sets tone for GOP ticket with rousing convention speech

Paul Ryan worked on this speech for weeks. The Republican vice presidential candidate used his remarks to the 2012 Republican National Convention as an opportunity to introduce his family, promote Mitt Romney's vision for economic recovery, draw contrasts with President Barack Obama and profess the role of faith in his life. He even […]

Quoted from Paul Ryan sets tone for GOP ticket with rousing convention speech on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

House Speaker Paul Ryan managed to put down a moderate Republican rebellion by promising to hold high-stakes immigration votes next week to address the struggles of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers facing possible deportation. House Speaker Paul Ryan has reportedly set a record for closing down floor debate in the House. This morning, even as Donald Trump was posting exceedingly absurd tweets like “Gas Killing Animal” and Stop The Arms Race” and “Fake Russia C story” (there’s still debate about what the “C” might have stood Tags: paul, ryans, resignation, sets, Paul Ryan sets House vote House Speaker scheduled a long-awaited showdown vote on a broad Republican immigration bill Wednesday, but is showing little confidence that the package will survive. Updated 10:03 p.m. | D. needs convincing the conference has his back — and he’s given lawmakers a Friday deadline to persuade him to take the speaker’s job.

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