US Republicans Back 'Internet Freedom'

UPDATE: Personal data should be protected from government overreach, but regulations to protect online privacy are unneeded, the platform says.

Quoted from US Republicans Back 'Internet Freedom' on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Two Republican members of the House of Representatives have endorsed a prehensive immigration reform act that would radically overhaul the US immigration system. Minnesota Democrat hits back at Trump for goading crowd at rally in North Carolina and reiterates belief that he is a racist The Mississippi state legislature elected Blanche Bruce in 1875, but lost power of the Mississippi state legislature in 1876. Bruce was not elected to a second term in 1881. [1] In 1890 the Democratic-dominated Tags: list, african, american, united, List of African-American United States Most are members of the Congressional Black Cauc First generation of African-American Hoe members, 1870–1887 (Note: Representatives are organized first in chronological order according to their first term in office, then second in alphabetical order

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