US Republicans Back 'Internet Freedom'

UPDATE: Personal data should be protected from government overreach, but regulations to protect online privacy are unneeded, the platform says.

Quoted from US Republicans Back 'Internet Freedom' on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Republicans are scrambling to draft a bill to address the growing outcry over the policy of separating migrant families at the US-Mexico border. President Donald Trump told a group of House Republicans Overseas provides two-way infrastructure to keep Republicans overseas politically well-informed while also providing a mechanism to direct the policy concerns of overseas Americans back to political leaders and Presidential candidates. The Mueller indictment should invite scrutiny of the GOP's failure to take Rsian sabotage of the election serioly. Tags: trumps, unhinged, russia, tweetstorm, Republicans vindicated, Dems still screaming After a year-long investigation, the Hoe Intelligence mittee released a report Friday officially confirming there was no collion between the Trump campaign and Rsia in the 2016 presidential election. have enjoyed majorities in both hoes of Congress since 2014, but many of their key initiatives — deregulation, antiabortion policies, states rights — have stalled in the past

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