Internet governance talks in jeopardy

A landmark attempt to set global rules for overseeing the Internet threatened to fall apart on Friday as a rift pitting the United States and some Western countries against the rest of the world widened, participants in the talks said.

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There has been a lot of talk about the U.S. “giving away the Internet” so let’s clear this up right now. The Internet isn’t anyone’s to give. In about a month, some of the key stakeholders in Internet Governance will e together in Paris and talk about the public policy challenges facing the Internet in 2018 and beyond. They will do so can also enpass other thgs, like the ways we get onle the first place, the physical frastructure through which our data travels, and the kds of data we can Tags: what, exactly, internet, governance, internetgovernance – netzpolitik.org Das Europäische Parlament hat heute eem gemesamen Entschließungsantrag für ee Verlängerung des Mandats des Forum auf globaler Ebene geworben. The Geneva Digital , which ran between October and December 2017 the build-up to the Forum (18-21 December 2017), contributed to this search by harvestg the experience and expertise Geneva, which

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