China tightens Internet controls, legalizes post deletion

BEIJING (Reuters) – China unveiled tighter Internet controls on Friday, legalizing the deletion of posts or pages which are deemed to contain "illegal" information and requiring service providers to hand over such information to the authorities for punishment. The rules signal that the new leadership headed by Communist Party chief Xi Jinping will continue muzzling the often scathing, raucous …

Quoted from China tightens Internet controls, legalizes post deletion on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

China sets up a new body to control information on the internet, enabling the government to keep a tighter grip on content available to Chinese web users. China Tightens Internet Controls By Damir Kaletovic - Sep 08, 2018, 12:00 PM CDT Last October, at the opening of a munist Party summit Chinese President Xi Jinping said: "China will build a clean and has unveiled tighter requiring web users to register their names and legalising the of s or pages which are considered to contain illegal information. Tags: china, tightens, internet, controls, China Tightens Rules on Internet VOA Learning English, Learning English Online, VOA English, English Learning Free, English VOA, English Learning, American Learning VOA, VOA English Learning has long had some of the world’s most onerous restrictions. But until now, the authorities had effectively tolerated the proliferation of V.P.N.s as a lifeline for millions of

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