Clinton admitted to hospital with blood clot

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been admitted to a New York hospital for treatment of a blood clot, her spokesman said Sunday. State Department Spokesman Philippe Reines said Clinton had entered the hospital following a medical examination for a concussion she sustained earlier this month. "In the course of a follow-up exam today, […]

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CNN ORDERS BLACKOUT ON CLINTON 'SON' Wed Oct 12 2016 09:19:32 ET CNN boss Jeff Zucker has directly ordered network staff not to cover shocking allegations made my Arkansas resident Danney Williams, the DRUDGE REPORT Lisa Page said "that is correct" when asked by Rep. Ratcliffe if the FBI was instructed by the Obama Justice Department to not charge Hillary Clinton with "gross negligence." President Trump claimed that the June 2016 meeting was “tally legal,” though it is a key subject of the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. Tags: president, admits, trump, tower, A guide to the allegations On Twitter, Donald Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner, lashed out at Hillary , directly attacking her husband, the former president, for what Trump called “his terrible record of On Jan. 26, 1998—15 years ago Saturday—Bill famously ld the nation, "I did not have ual relations that woman, Miss Lewinsky." later confessed that he did indeed have

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