TOPPS Hamburger Recall

Topps stopped the raw processed meat operations on Sept. 26 after a recall of 331,582 pounds of frozen ground beef products.

The company is the largest U.S. producer of frozen hamburger patties.

By now Topps Meat Company LLC has recalled 21.7 million pounds of ground beef that may contain the E. coli bacteria.

It was reported by USDA that the recall has generated reports of more than a dozen illnesses.

Products affected by this recall were distributed to retail stores and food service companies including Wal-Mart Stores and Pathmark Stores (PTMK)

ELIZABETH, N.J. -- Rocked by the devastating economic impact of what has bee the second-biggest beef recall in U.S. history, Topps Meat Co., LLC said Friday it had no choice but to shut down its Topps Hamburger Recall News The U.S. Agriculture Department is alerting consumers to the role they can play in the current Topps ground beef recall. Ric Raymond, USDA undersecretary for food safety, said that the recalled Ground beef patties produced by Meat pany that were ed for possible E. coli contamination in September are still on store shelves. Tags: topps, hamburger, recall, ground, The Hamburger People - Topps The Taste You love Visit your local grocer’s freezer today to find our ¼ pound 100% Beef Burgers, and the fast-growing line of quality meat products – prepared and quick frozen to seal in Meat pany ( Meat pany LLC) was a privately owned family pany founded in 1940 by Benjamin Sachs in Mattan, New York. The pany later relocated to Elizabeth, New Jersey .

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