U.S. Internet speed better but still lags

U.S. Internet speed better but still lags […] we're ninth on the list among nations, limping along behind Latvia and the Czech Republic. The U.S. average of 7.2 megabits per second, after all, means lots of people, particularly in rural areas and low-income neighborhoods, are grappling with speeds far below that. A 2011 report concluded that doubling broadband speeds can increase a nation's …

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Internet users in a few U.S. cities have very little to plain about because their streaming content loads faster than ever since they live in cities with the fastest internet speeds. United States ranked 37th in the world for mobile speeds and 9th for fi broadband speeds during November 2019. The now has the ninth-fastest average connection in the world, behind South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Sweden. That's a slip in the rankings: In Tags: internet, speed, slows, compared, High-Speed Fiber Internet in Minneapolis While other panies are starting to offer fiber, USI is the only pany that delivers fiber directly to your house, so you don’t share it with the entire neighborhood — making it the fastest, most List of countries by connection s. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This list of countries by connection lists the average data transfer rates for access by end-users. Connection s.

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