Britney Spears Album BLACKOUT

Britney Spears new ‘Blackout‘ album leaks more and more.

Tracks are available in the Internet via p2p network torrent.

Black out release date is moved, we didn’t get which way actually..

And rumors say: Blackout album cover art is not authentic!?

Never mind, it’s the music that counts, not the pic on it… Happy Blackout!

Britney Spears opuszcza szpital! / Podsumowanie informacji. Aktualności | Hinami | sobota, 27 kwietnia 2019. Co to był za miesiąc! Czwartego kwietnia świat obiegły informacje, że Britney Spears od tygodnia przebywa w szpitalu psychiatrycznym, gdzie Mailing List. Your Email. Subscribe » Sanger-låtskriver, komponist, danser, musiker, forretningsdrivende, teaterskuespiller, fjernsynsskuespiller, filmskuespiller, manusforfatter, produsent Tags: britney, spears, wikipedia, Britney Spears - Age, Songs has been one of the most successful — and sometimes controversial — solo acts in popular music. Six of her first seven s reached No. 1 on the 'Billboard' 200. Lyrics to 'Womanizer' by : To think that I would be a victim, not another Say it, play it how you wanna But no way I'm ever gonna fall for you

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