Amsterdam Public Urinals

I (the author) was just some weeks ago in Amsterdam. And of course I got some ‘pressure’ too.

What I experienced was that there are more McDonalds outlets in Amsterdam than Public Urinals

I actually didn’t see one of them.

And – there was no time to search the web for that!

So I recommend you to go to a fast food outlet, an auberge de jeunesse or if you don’t mind about the ‘sweet’ ganja smoke in all the many coffee shops, why not go there, it’s legal… (find some pictures below)

Public toilets are not a widespread facility on Dutch streets, apart from the free-standing public urinals for men in places such as the Red Light District. Many people duck into a café (pub) or department This is going to seem so strange but I was just reading about the outdoor urinals on the streets in Amsterdam. Please don't judge but our 16 year old daughter has a fear of porta But accessibility isn’t the only reason women need more retractable . By providing women who go out after 6pm with somewhere safe, discreet and permanent to urinate, city council has acknowledged that women’s bladders Tags: amsterdam, just, installed, worlds, Public toilets - maps.amsterdam.nl Over Maps . De website maps..nl wordt beheerd door de afdeling Ruimte en Duurzaamheid van de Gemeente . Wij doen ons best de informatie op deze interactieve kaart actueel, correct en toegankelijk te houden, maar NYC has long tried to install toilets and failed repeatedly for a variety of reasons. So men relieve themselves in doorways, subway stations and other areas instead. We in the U.S. can learn a

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