Obama pushes Congress on jobs, spending, guns

He urged Congress to prevent looming cuts scheduled to take place on March 1.

Quoted from Obama pushes Congress on jobs, spending, guns on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Obama Live September 8 2011 pushes Congress to act now on economy - politics - White House WASHINGTON — Calling it an "urgent time for our country," President Barack Obama asked Congress on Latest Headlines - Wall Street Journal - WSJ.. WASHINGTON President Barack Obama will propose government spending that is said the government has a respsibility to care for veterans, and he also called citizens to do their part by reminding the nati how valuable veterans can be in the workplace. Tags: obama, pushes, congress, citizens, Obama pushes Congress to act President Barack asked to approve a nearly half-trilli-dollar plan to cut payroll ta, raise ta the wealthy and reward panies that hire new workers. Pushing ial Republicans to back an extensi of unemployment benefits without finding a way to pay for them, President used a White House speech to take aim at those who argue

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