Interest in BlackBerry 10 surges while iPhone loyalty slips

The latest YouGov report on smartphone brand perception and purchase intent is out, and this one is a keeper. According to the data, the proportion of BlackBerry owners planning to purchase a new BlackBerry (BBRY) within six months has rocketed from 18% to 43% since the spring of 2012. Over the same time period, the same number for iPhone owners has slipped from 92% to 85% while the number for Samsung (005930) Galaxy owners has ticked up from 46% to 53%. The interesting part here is how close the BlackBerry purchasing intent level is now to Galaxy’s level. One could argue

Quoted from Interest in BlackBerry 10 surges while iPhone loyalty slips on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE:BB) was the recipient of a large drop in short interest in November. As of November 15th, there was short interest totalling 30,892,490 shares, a drop of 11.4% from the October 31st total Short interest in Blackberry stock sees a big drop. For the time being, it appears that the shorts have retreated from BBRY stock. Short interest in Blackberry stock fell by a significant 22.8%. If you haven't noticed, short 's (BBRY) shares has creased once aga to a new record. As of the record date March the 15th 2013, short stands at 155 million shares. Tags: explanation, blackberrys, short, interest, Samsung's interest in Blackberry to There were rumors that Samsung was ed to buy out . As a result, the latter's stock price to rise and is beg vestigated by authorities. Unfortunately, the short data tells us none of those thgs. But it does remd us the turnaround story is still its very early days, and plenty of skeptics rema.

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