Xenu is not coming

If Tom Cruise (a dedicated follower of Scientology) plans to build a bunker to protect his family, let him do so!

In case of an intergalactic alien attack, this will not help him anyway.

It seems like there are rumors that a galactic ruler ‘Xenu’ is plotting an evil revenge attack on Earth.

The story of Xenu is part of Scientologist beliefs in extraterrestrial civilizations and alien interventions in Earthly events…

75 million years ago, Xenu was the ruler of a Galactic Confederacy which consisted of 26 stars and 76 planets including Earth, which was then known as Teegeeack…(wikipedia)

Q: Do Scientologists believe in aliens? Q: What is "Xenu/Zenu/u" Q: What is the damage of knowing about or using this data? Q: Are Thetans alien souls that have taken over our bodies, and we're Jenna Miscavige Hill (born February 1, 1984) is an American former Scientologist. After leaving the Church of Scientology in 2005, she has bee an outspoken critic of the organization. La storia di Scientology è strettamente legata a quella del suo fondatore L. Ron Hubbard, scrittore statunitense che iniziò la propria carriera negli anni trenta con opere di fantascienza, western, avventure, romanzi sentimentali, fantasy, gialli. Tags: scientology, wikipedia, Scientology Beliefs - ReligionFacts Scientology focuses on psychological technologies that people can use to make their lives better, calling itself an "applied religious philosophy." Scientologi är en nyreligiös rörelse skapad av den amerikanske författaren L. Ron Hubbard (mest känd för science fiction men även för western, fantasy, med mera).

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