California Wildfires: San Diego – Malibu

California wildfires are threatening many homes in Malibu, San Diego and Ramona area.

Thousands have been forced and ordered to evacuate from theit homes.

Stronger than usual Santa Ana winds and dry ground fuels the California wildfires.

Still out of control they are burning up countless acres and buildings in southern California.

As wildfires worsen, U.S. Forest Service seeks 1,500 temporary workers in California San Bernardino, Angeles and Cleveland national forests to fill about 300 spots for firefighting Pacific Gas & Electric, California’s largest utility, has been responsible for wildfires in recent years that destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres. Several proved deadly. One of the biggest What wildfires did to one Northern town’s schools in four years Since 2002, nearly two-thirds of the days lost to school closures have been for wildfire, and of those, half have Tags: what, wildfires, northern, california, PG&E voluntarily shuts off power PG&E keeps nearly 60,000 Northern customers in the dark to reduce wildfire risk. Pacific Gas and Electric purposefully shut off electricity to thouds of customers, to prevent a A sickly seal pup is examined at 's Pacific Marine Mammal Center during the last big marine heat wave in the region, in 2015. During that ocean heat wave, a record numbers of starving

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