Proteus Syndrome

Proteus Syndrome (elephantitis) is a disease that causes an overgrowth of skin, muscles and atypical bone development. It is extremely rare.

We can treat some of the symptoms but there is actually no known cure.

Joseph Merrick (1862–1890), known as the “Elephant Man“, suffered a case of Proteus syndrome.

Proteus syndrome is a rare condition with an incidence of less than 1 in 1 million people worldwide. Only a few hundred affected individuals have been reported in the medical literature. 1 Definition. Das Proteus-Syndrom ist eine Erbkrankheit, die sich anfangs durch einen regionalen Riesenwuchs und im weiteren Verlauf durch die Ausbildung multipler Tumore kennzeichnet. Sehr seltenes, vielgestaltiges (daher der Name "", nach einem griechischen Gott benannt, der seine Gestalt beliebig verändern konnte) kongenitales Krankheitsbild mit ossären Missbildungen, inkonstant auftretendem Naevus flammeus (Rocha RCC et al. 2017) und verschiedenen mesenchymalen Tags: proteus, syndrom, altmeyers, enzyklopdie, Proteus Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms is a very rare disorder causing uncontrolled and abnormal changes in the patient's body. Possibility of occurrence of this disease is less than 1 in million.

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