Kyla Ebbert: legs in the air?

Kyla Ebbert (too sexy to be allowed to fly on SouthWest) is posing for Playboy picture and video, butt: where are her legs in the air?

She doesn’t really bare all, just go and take a look at the pics! We prefer nude Lindsay Wagner, she is really beautiful and sexy.

Our Promise: Wele to Care2, the world's largest munity for good. Here, you'll find over 45 million like-minded people working towards progress, kindness, and lasting impact. Kyla Ebbert is making a big noise online, with the latest news suggesting that Kyla Ebbert pictures will be available in a popular mens magazine. You might remember Kyla Ebbert from 3 months ago, who Ebbert's Los Angeles lawyer Mart S. Reed appeared on Today Show with Matt Lauer, Friday September 7, 2007. When Mart S. Reed was asked by Matt Lauer if what Southwest Airles had Tags: kyla, ebbert, martin, reed, the secrets about Kyla Ebbert Ebbert, not Kayla Ebert… It was Ebbert who almost got kicked of a flight… I guess it was good luck for her, she made hopefully some money out of this story. Too y for Southwest Airles, Ebbert is a perfect fit for Playboy. “ Ebbert appears a series of pictures — some lgerie, some — under headg, “ Air.”

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