What is a tropical cyclone – Storm Sidr

A Cyclone is an inward spiraling wind that rotates counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere of the Earth.

In the Atlantic and eastern Pacific they are called hurricanes, in the western Pacific they are called typhoons and in the southern Pacific and the Indian Ocean they are called cyclones.

Since this definition covers a wide variety of storms such as tropical cyclones, extratropical cyclones, and tornadoes, meteorologists mostly use it with an additional qualification.

Meanwhile: Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh’s southwestern coast late on Thursday. Bangladesh said Saturday it feared thousands of corpses were littering its southern coast after the worst cyclone in years tore through the impoverished and low-lying area.

Officials said the army and relief workers were still battling to reach the worst-hit areas, where village after village was flattened when cyclone Sidr smashed into the disaster-prone nation overnight Thursday.

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