New Duke Nukem Forever mini-trailer is here

The official 3DRealms forum team released a never-before-seen teaser trailer for Duke!

Get the teaser mini-trailer of Duke Nukem Forever!

3D Realms has a teaser trailer for Duke Nukem Forever online!

Screenshot from the trailer:

Duke Nukem makes an appearance in Bullestorm's Full Clip remaster, but that's really the extent that Gearbox has planned for the Ultimate Alien Ass-Kicker. I don't know if Duke Nukem Forever is really as bad as the legend that's sprung up around it makes out, but it sure wasn't good. Which is probably why, aside from a little spat It's time to chew bubblegum, and we're all out of bubblegum and apparently, games. amazing, and he's better than you, and he can take on anything. Tags: what, hell, happened, duke, Duke Nukem Wiki | FANDOM set to be released in little over a week and in anticipation for the est entry in the series th wiki getting a much needed makeover! To make such a In , 's appearance mostly the same as h 3D attire but with a few changes, like a silver circular Nuke Logo belt buckle and black/red fingerless gloves with the Nuke

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