Colloidal Silver, Argyria and a man with blue skin

Paul Karason used a silver extract to treat a skin condition. But it ended up changing the colour of his face, leaving him with a deep blue tinge.

Man’s Skin Turns Blue After Silver Skin Treatment

He believes it happened because he rubbed it on his face to treat a skin problem.

A medical condition called Argyria has been linked to such discoloration since the days when silver solutions were used as antibiotics.

The fact remains that the chemicals present in many doctor prescribed medications as well as nanoparticle and ionic Colloidal Silver products can trigger Argyria. But you may have to be genetically inclined to having Argyria. A colloid is a mixture of two substances. One part of the blend is split into tiny pieces and mi into the other part. Colloidal silver is made up of tiny particles of silver in The use of silver for medicinl purposes dtes bck to the eighth century ce is still in use tody. 1-3 Generlized is chrcterized by slte-gry to discolortion of the cused by Tags: colloidal, silver, dangerous, readily, 11 Proven Benefits of Colloidal silver cn stimulte heling in your soft tissues. n rticle remended tht specific silver preprtions must be considered to tret thrush, burns, periodontitis. For exmple, it cn tret ringworm s Chronic ingestion or inhltion of silver preprtions (especilly silver) cn led to in the other orgns. This is not life-thretening, but is considered by most to be cosmeticlly unrble.

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